Thursday, June 08, 2006

Race Selections 6/8/06

Hey Kid Fan's,
Just throwing a little bone out there for ya. Mostly picks will be posted for weekend and weekly races of interest. So here's a couple beatable ones I found today.

Belmont Race 3 (Horses are in order of interest)
#PP Horse
4 Thunder Rain- Should get a good trip on or close to the lead, maybe a notch below the two favorites on paper, but the kid feels he can get it done at 4-1 or 9-2

5 Robin of Trinidad-Hard knocking gelding with the some of the best class figures in the field, should be coming to get up late.

6 Storm Whirl- strongest contender on paper, but may be to short a price to really be play able, try and get him beat with one of the top two picks.

Best bet= 4 with 5,6 exacta

Hollywood Race 2

#PP Horse
3 Grey Misty-Classy contender and the best on paper as well, should get the pace needed to get in done with 3 or 4 trying to get to the lead.

1 IZA Big Star-another one looking to close, Court has been going great guns all year and may get this one home at 7 or 8-1

7 Hard to pass on this horse, fit right there with the top pick on paper and should have first run at the leaders. P Val on this kind of horse in deadly.

Best Bet= 3,1,7 Tri box

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