Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hey all,
The Picture to the left says a lot about why I love this sport of kings so very much. It says power and excellence in the face of a challenge. It captures a moment in time when an animal of flesh and bone transcended a sport and shattered every notion of what was and wasn't possible by a racehorse.

31 lengths

2:24 flat, a world record for a mile and half on dirt that has never been challenged.

Pure speed and heart (Secretariat had one of the largest hearts ever recorded for a thoroughbred)

In the coming days and months, years, maybe decades we'll come back to this picture and wonder if we'll ever see another like Secretariat, but in the here and now all we can do is hope that we will.

Hi I'm the kid and I like to handicap(gamble) on racehorses.

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