Monday, April 11, 2011

Kentucky Derby 2011: 4 weeks out

Head, meet wall.

This weekend was messier then the english language on an episode of the Jersey shore. We lost Premier Pegasus, we lost To Honor And Serve, Uncle Mo just plain lost; and Jaycito has a hoof bruise and will be trying to prep in the Lexington stakes at Keeneland.


That was my head against the wall.

What are we left with? The factor? A confirmed speedball, by a sprinter, out of a sprinter. Yay! That screams derby winner.

What about Santiva, or Toby's Corner? They hardly leave one breathless.

In the end, we're left with a wide open derby, like it always is, but if they're was ever a year to bet heavily on 'the field' this is it. We'll have to see what develops in the next few weeks, but at this point, the best word to describe the likely 2011 Kentucky Derby is...Boring.

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