Friday, April 15, 2011

Arkansas Derby Pick: The Factor

Yes, thats right, you're not going to hear anything different from me, then what anyone else is saying.

Looking over the race, I just don't see it being any other way and the reason is that this whole field, except for The Factor, seem to still be trying to find themselves.

Archarcharch, Elite Alex, Nehro...etc. They've all been on everyone's watch list, but what have they done? Of those, only Nehro has made any noise this year. And what is with all these trainer's adding blinkers for this race? Are they all thinking their going to challenge the favorite on the front end?

It semms, while every trainer in this race is still searching for the magic bullet, Baffert has his gun loaded and is taking dead aim on the derby. He knows what he's got. A fast horse with a high cruising speed, and he's trained him that way. Steady 6f works, putting the stamina in him. Getting him to harness that speed.

My guess is, the half split in the Arkansas Derby will be around 46 flat, and I just think that only plays further into the Factor's hands. I don't know if this colt can win the derby, but I think the race this weekend is his to lose.

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