Thursday, May 10, 2007

"He went to Tanforan"

I do most of my wagering over the internet since I'm about two hours from any real race track. But I still like to go out to the local OTB and play with cash a couple times of month.
Usually I sit outside if the weather's good and smoke pall mall's with a couple of other guys that are there nearly everyday. Bob is a retired buisness man with to much money and a whole lot of time on his hands. He bets the pick6 at whatever SoCal track is running every race day and hits a couple times a year.

Bob usually shows up with this old pensioner Vinnie.

Vinnie moved to california from New York during the depression and still tells everyone he's from Flushing, even though he hasn't been there in forty years or so.

The three of us sit around in the sunshine, taking turns giving the TV's a slap to make the picture good and drinking way to many budlights for people who take their handicapping seriously.

So anyway one day Bob and I were trying to figure out a race Arlington. We were going back and forth, as usual not agreeing on anything. Vinnie was just sitting there staring off into space, and then I see him take a long drag of his cig and put it out in the ashtray and then he looks at me and says.
"I saw Seabiscuit run once."

"Oh yeah." I say

Vinnie shook his head at me. "Tanforan. Its not there anymore. Put up a god damn shopping mall."

"Still got the old statue of the biscuit out there though, I saw it once." says bob

With that the conversation was over.

So I go to the OTB today, I havent been in awhile and I take my seat at the usual table and light up a pall mall.
Bob shows up a little later. But Vinnie's not there.
"Where's the old guy." I ask him

"Went to Tanforan." he says, and lights up a cig of his own.

All the old players are disappearing I guess, its up to us young people to build their statues.

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