Sunday, May 20, 2007

Belmont Picks 5/20/07


Race 1: Chilly Rooster-This is a class horse against these and should be coming late on the scene.

Race 2: Partida-experience will win out in this contest, which is key at the distance.

Race 3: Martial Asset-this horse is trying the distance for th first time, but looks really good in this spot. Plus you get Gomez and Hennig at 7/2.

Race 4: Mister Hennessy-how about this horse at 8/1. Looks right behind the leaders on paper, just needs pace to get it done.

Race 5: Brantley-this horse is the speed of the race and the class on paper. Put it in the bank.

Race 6: Heavenly Ballad- Two Punch firster here with Coa on board.

Race 7: Magnolia Jackson-filly looks like the class of the field and Contessa has been hot lately.

Race 8: Soaring By-Not sure there's enough pace in here for Sightseeing so I'm going to try and beat him with this colt.

Race 9: Higher Incentive- horse looks like the class on paper, should get the money.

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