Friday, May 18, 2007

Belmont Picks 5/17/07


Race 1: Just Starting-this horse has been running against better and should get a good trip sitting in behind 2 or 3 others in here on the lead.

Race 2: Tatter Tutt- this horse looks to have a pace advantage in here as long as the firsters don't show speed.

Race 3: Holy Nova-should get a nice stalking trip in here and be a nice price with a couple of others taking most of the action.

Race 4: sweetsoutherncharm-looks like the best runner in here, but needs to avoid letting the 1 horse get to far ahead of him.

Race 5: Fiddler's Princess-closely match bunch go in this one. We'll take the Thomas bush entry that looks like a big overlay at 12-1 M/L.

Race 6: Baby Gray- If my wife asks I'll tell her I picked this one because it has the same name as here favorite Perfume. But in reality I think that this horse has a huge shot to win this one.

Race 7: Papua-looks like a ton of pace in here. How about this closer to come and spoil the party up front.

Race 8: Sucessful Affair- I'd love to see one of the old guys in here get it, but the Contessa entry looks very tough.

Race 9: Positive Charge- Horse fits well on paper in this one. Castro is solid this time of year and horse sits at 6/1 on the m/l

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