Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prairie Meadows Results 5/15/07

Race 1: Lacey Meeting- 1st 6.80

Race 2: Swingin Leroy- 4th

Race 3: Afleet La Teda- 1st 2.40

Race 4: Won Won Wonder Why- 2nd

Race 5: Tejano's Oasis- 1st 3.60

Race 6: Wild Shifter- 2nd (bet this horse next out, ran super green and just got beat)

Race 7: Twentythreejaybird- 2nd

Race 8: Passthemoneyhoney- 1st 4.80

Race 9: Pretty Little Anna- 3rd

ROI: -.40 (based on a $2 wager on each race. We we're a bit unlucky not to make a profit on this card, couple of close beats to a rail bias. We'll get them tomorrow.)

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